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why is it called poker

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Why is "the ball of the foot" called as it is? - English ...

I understand the ball of a foot is where the toes join with the rest of the foot.

Poker Definition | 888poker

The position at the poker table to the direct right of the button.

Poker Originate? - Upswing Poker

Even serious players rarely know the history of poker, or poker's origins.


Poker Crash Course. ... Approved Poker Tools. ... Poker Basics.

Poker Definition | 888poker

What is a Gutshot Straight Draw in Poker? ... Poker Glossary.

is it called in poker when raising with all of your chips ...

What is it called in poker when raising with all of your chips after an opponents bet?.A.River Bet.B.Potted.C.Double Sticking.D.All-In Over The Top.

it’s called FOOTBALL not soccer - Megasoccer

Why is that? Any European or South American citizen will tell you this “It ain’t soccer, it’s football!” This topic becomes a ...

is poker layout and why is it needed? | Poker Theory | Pokerenergy

What is a layout? Why do you need a layout? How to play multiple poker tables?

poker face? Why it's so hard to sniff out a liar

As the annual World Series of Poker gets rolling in Las Vegas later this month, hopeful competitors will be buying in and getting their poker faces on.

is the Poker Game Tree & Why Does It Matter? - Upswing Poker

Learning poker is a gradual process. ... You start by learning about your hand strength and play poker without factoring in much else.